Woman Receives Laughable ‘Wrong Text’ Message From A Guy She’s Been Ignoring

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Woman Receives Laughable ‘Wrong Text’ Message From A Guy She’s Been Ignoring

"I’m almost insulted he thought I was simple enough to fall for it."

Published 4 weeks ago

If you own a cellphone, you’ve either been the sender or recipient of a “wrong text” message at least once. For 22-year-old Mariah White, of Texas, an “accidental” message she recently received made her realize exactly how far a man would go for a text back.

Over a month ago, she met a man, probably in his 40s-50s, while she was driving for a ride-share company.

"We had a really good polite conversation about my unique major, the university, being the only black people in our departments, stuff like that," she told Buzzfeed News.

Thinking that this man could be a professional contact, Mariah exchanged information with the mystery suitor. At first, the text messages were harmless, but soon became creepy and unwanted.

Since Nov. 2, Mariah’s received a string of "hey" and "how are you" texts, all of which she ignored. The man, who was surely looking to up his game, then decided to flex his bank account on Mariah, who found his attempt laughable.

"Hey mom... I just transferred $2800.00 to your account.... you should have told me sooner that you needed help... text me when you get it...love you!" a first text read

He then immediately hit Mariah with a, "Wrong text....my bad...."

The text didn’t fool Mariah, who knows a flex when she sees one, for a second.

"I knew right away that was messed up because how do you send a whole text with all those ellipses and not realize it’s going to the wrong person?" White told Buzzfeed. "What are the odds that M-Ariah and M-Om are right next to each other in the contact list? It just did not add up."

Mariah’s tweet of the conversation made everyone in her mentions suffer from second-hand-humiliation.

Written by BET Staff

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