Philadelphia Woman’s Death From Illegal Butt Injections Ruled A Homicide

Philadelphia Woman’s Death From Illegal Butt Injections Ruled A Homicide

Police say Lesbia Ayala went into to cardiac arrest after a reaction to silicone.

Published 3 weeks ago

The death of a North Philadelphia woman, who went into cardiac arrest after receiving silicone cosmetic injections in New York, is being treated as a homicide, said the NYPD.

Back in June, Lesbia Ayala, 48, was found unresponsive in the Bronx. Police were responding to a “call of an aided female” when they found Ayala suffering cardiac arrest. While Ayala was taken to Jacobi Hospital, she unfortunately did not survive, reported

After Ayala’s body was inspected by the medical examiner’s office, the death was officially ruled a homicide on Dec. 1. According to the medical examiner, Ayala suffered systemic silicone embolism syndrome caused by cosmetic silicone injections of the buttocks and thighs.

It remains unclear when Ayala received the injections. No arrests have been made in this case; however, similar cases of fatal illegal butt injections have resulted in charges.

In 2015, Padge-Victoria Windslowe, also known as the “Black Madam,” was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison and six years of probation for causing a woman’s death. In June of 2017, two Dallas women pleaded guilty to murder relating to the death of Wykesha Reid, who also went into cardiac arrest after her procedure.

Just a month before, Oneal Ron Morris was sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter after injecting a solution of “combined silicone, mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, cement and Super Glue,” into countless patients, reported the New York Post.

An investigation into Ayala’s death is ongoing, according to New York authorities.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: NBC 10 Philadelphia)


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