4-Year-Old California Boy Develops Rare Brain-Eating Disease After Contracting The Flu

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4-Year-Old California Boy Develops Rare Brain-Eating Disease After Contracting The Flu

Andre Carson spent 11 days on life support after the condition caused lesions on his brain.

Published December 25th

A four-year-old boy is currently confined to a wheelchair after being hit with a brain-damaging illness triggered by the flu.

Fresno, California native Andre Carson, who is an avid basketball fan, is making a miraculous bounce back from the disease. He spent 11 days on life support after contracting the H1N1 flu virus.

The crippling brain disease is called acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE) and it causes lesions to develop in regions of the brain, which causes swelling, bleeding and the death of tissue.

Andre’s mom, Kamareia Parrish, was horrified when her child was unresponsive just hours after Andre was diagnosed with the common cold in March 2017.

Doctors diagnosed Andre with ANE and began treating the illness with steroids. He had already suffered severe damage to the left side of his brain.

According to the US National Library of Medical Science, only 59 cases of ANE have been documented in scientific literature with only two-thirds of patients surviving.

“It was my lowest moment. I was so angry with God. I was questioning my religion,” Kamareia told the Daily Mail. “I told my parents that if Andre died they might as well plan two funerals because I would die too,' she added. 'I had to believe he would live.”

Andre spent two months in rehabilitation where he eventually began voluntarily move his limbs and eyes. He returned home on June of last year. Currently, Andre is able to communicate via an electronic device and is taking his first steps via a walker. Kamereia gave up her career with the State of California to take care of her son full time.

Despite all of Andre’s misfortune, he’s still a huge Golden State Warriors fan. His mom says, “It's been so hard to watch his friends from preschool move on and start school,” Kamereia said. “But I have to stay positive because he's lucky. Science says he should be here anymore”

“I know he will keep trying and fighting, she continued. “I know he's the same little boy inside but he's just trapped in his body. I know this because he's still obsessed Steph Curry, just like he was before he got sick."

Written by BET Staff

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