Teen Mug Shot Goes Viral After People Says There’s No Way He’s 19

Teen Mug Shot Goes Viral After People Says There’s No Way He’s 19

"He looks like he pays his own child support."

Published 2 weeks ago

A 19-year-old man was arrested for stealing a U-Haul truck that was supposed to be returned on Dec. 14. Although the charges may be minor, the teen’s viral mug shot turned the misdemeanor crime into an unforgettable moment in internet history.

Murad Mansurovich Kurbanov was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft of a rental vehicle, failure to stop at the command of police, and reckless driving, according to FOX 13 Salt Lake City.

When Kurbanov’s mug shot was posted to the FOX 13 Salt Lake City Facebook page, people could not help but ask, “Is he really only 19?”

With that aged look on his face and the type of bald spot usually only seen on middle-aged men, Facebook users unleashed their best material on the teen’s mugshot. 

Kurbanov was arrested after police saw a U-Haul van run multiple red lights and illegally pass vehicles. When police attempted to stop Kurbanov, he didn’t pull over the truck and continued driving.

Eventually, a tipster led authorities to Kurbanov’s location, which was an apartment complex. While at the building, Kurbanov told police he was visiting a friend; however, when no one answered the door, Kurbanov was detained, according to a probable cause statement.

Under Utah state law, the U-Haul was considered stolen property.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Salt Lake City Jail)


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