Man Accused Of Shooting Wife And In-Laws After Finding Sex Tape Of Her And His Best Friend

Man Accused Of Shooting Wife And In-Laws After Finding Sex Tape Of Her And His Best Friend

The couple's children managed to escape, unharmed, to a neighbor's house.

Published January 4, 2019

A Florida man is accused of opening fire on his wife and her parents after finding her in a sex tape with one of his best friends.

On New Year’s Day, William Brian Stillwell, 39, was arrested for shooting the three relatives. During the attack, the couple’s 5-year-old twins ran away unharmed and went in search for help at a neighbor’s house, WFTV reported.

The shooting occurred when Stillwell showed up to backyard hangout where his wife, in-laws, and two children were present. At one point during the afternoon gathering, Stillwell brandished a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and began shooting, Florida Today reported.

In a chilling 911 call, Stillwell is heard accusing his wife of being unfaithful while his son and daughter beg him to stop shooting.

“No, daddy. No. I don’t want anyone to die,” one child said in the 911 call, reported the Daily Mail.

At one point, Stillwell's wife screamed, "my children. No, please don't," before two shots sounded.

"Get out and run, baby, run!" she then screamed. 

Then one of the children tearfully begged, "don’t kill mommy," to which Stillwell responded, "it’s going to be alright baby. I love you."

None of the children were harmed in the shooting, while Stillwell’s wife and her parents were rushed to the hospital in stable condition. Stillwell’s father-in-law has already been released from the hospital, while his wife and mother-in-law reportedly to underwent surgery on Thursday.

Stillwell surrendered to police and was booked on charges for attempted murder and child abuse.

After he was booked, the suspect told authorities he saw the video of his wife having sex with his friend on her cellphone. Before the shooting, Stillwell’s wife recently moved in with her parents because she was experiencing marital trouble.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Melbourne Police Department)


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