Woman Shares Creepy Texts From Man She Met Briefly On Train And Didn’t Give Her Number To

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Woman Shares Creepy Texts From Man She Met Briefly On Train And Didn’t Give Her Number To

While Lynda called out the man for being a stalker, some say she should also go to the police.

Published January 15, 2019

In the year 2019, women everywhere desperately want to leave the stalker-ish antics of creepy men in the past. For one woman, a brief encounter on a train and unsettling string of subsequent text messages reminded her about the disgusting lengths some men will travel just for a date. 

Lynda, of Bromsgrove, England, said she was on the train when she began talking to a man she didn't know. While Lynda thought the exchange left little to be desired, the man thought the conversation was an invite to contact her.

When Lynda left the man, she didn't give him her phone number or information, but still received a surprise text from him. When the man, whose name is apparently Josh, texted Lynda, she asked how he got her number.

He then proceeded to explain how he found her on Instagram then contacted one of her friends for her number. He then offered a strange ultimatum and said he'd tell her which friend gave out the number only if she agreed to go on a date. 

When Lynda asks him who gave him her number he responds that he will tell her on Thursday, the day he will take her out on a date. Lynda quickly shut him down saying he was "weird and invasive."

"There is no way you can decide for me that I'm going out with you," she added.  

Lynda posted screenshots of the conversation to her Twitter page. In her text messages with Josh, the 20-year-old explained why she felt violated by his extremely creepy actions and how he crossed many boundaries. 

In the end, she blocked Josh and never found out who gave away her number. 

While Lynda is just happy to put the uncomfortable encounter behind her, some people on Twitter thought Lynda should have contacted the police. 

Written by BET Staff

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