Tomi Lahren Calls Liberals ‘Sick Hypocrites’ For Celebrating Cardi B’s ‘I Will Dog Walk You’ Tweet

Tomi Lahren Calls Liberals ‘Sick Hypocrites’ For Celebrating Cardi B’s ‘I Will Dog Walk You’ Tweet

The conservative host received little sympathy.

Published January 23rd

For someone who established a career by calling liberals "snowflakes," Tomi Lahren has been ultra sensitive lately. 

After Lahren ignited a Twitter beef with Cardi B, who said she would "dog walk" the Fox News commentator, she then went on an attack against all liberals. Apparently, Lahren was all up in her feelings after Cardi's tweet received over 100,000 likes, so she decided to call liberals "sick hypocrites."

"Libs applaud @Gillette for taking on violence, sexual misconduct & bullying. They then applaud @StormyDaniels for saying she wants 'fist me,' @iamcardib for threatening to dog walk me, and now enjoy depictions of me being walked like a dog. You’re hypocrites and you’re sick," she tweeted.

Lahren also referenced a tweet by porn star Stormy Daniels, who said she'd "enjoy using her fists" on Tomi. 

During an appearance on Fox News, Lahren blasted Cardi B for threatening violence. 

“To put it simply, I saw that video that she had posted, and, you know, I implied that Cardi B isn’t the person we should be taking our political advice from,” Lahren said on the program. “And instead of arguing about the merits of her political argument, she said that she was going to ‘dog walk’ me! Viewers can look up on Urban Dictionary what dog-walking someone means, but the point, simply, is to severely beat somebody up. So we go from a political disagreement to, ‘I want to hurt you!'”

“Can you imagine if I threatened to dog walk Cardi B or anyone else?” she added.

While Lahren may be attempting to play the victim, people on Twitter aren't buying it. 

Written by BET Staff

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