Video Of Daughter Saying She Was Sexually Assaulted By Her Mother’s Boyfriend Draws Outrage

Angry teenage girl gestures while speaking disrespectfully to her mother.

Video Of Daughter Saying She Was Sexually Assaulted By Her Mother’s Boyfriend Draws Outrage

The girl's mom accused her of trying to ruin her relationship.

Published February 4, 2019

In the current era of #MeToo, many women are still finding it difficult to voice allegations of sexual assault. One particular viral video of a girl accusing her mother's boyfriend of molesting her proves exactly why women don't come forward. 

In the video shared to Hollywood Unlocked via Baller Alert, an unidentified girl begins talking to her mother, who is cleaning up the kitchen. 

While the girl's age remains unknown, it sounds like she is probably a teenager. 

At first the girl gets her mother's attention and says she needs to talk to her about something. When the mother finally turns around the daughter says, "he came in my room again."

"What?" the mother responded again.

"He came in my room again," the girl said, adding, "he touched me."

"He touched you how? How the f—k did he touch you. At this point you're starting to get on my motherf—ing nerves," the mother interjects. "What did you do for him to touch you?"

"I didn't do anything, I was sleep," the daughter responded.

"And then he did what, what the f—k did he do?"

"He touched me," the daughter said.

"Touched you where?"

"Touched me in the wrong places."

"I'm sick of this bulls—t. He's a good man, you run around here all day in motherf—ing booty shorts. What the f—k was you doing?"

"Why are you mad at me, he's your boyfriend," the daughter responded.

"You're my motherf—ing daughter and you're trying to take my motherf—ing man," the mother said before the video cut out.

While there is no information surrounding the two people in the video or the allegations, many people in the comment section agreed the mother was entirely in the wrong.

"Wow this mother is a piece of sh*t. Both her and her "man" need to go to jail," wrote Erica Mena on IG.

"Any person who picks a man/woman over their child is a disgusting excuse for a parent and human-being. That mother's pathetic behind should be ashamed of herself. She'd worthless," commented another person. 

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Asiseeit/Getty Images)


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