Mother Posts Bloody Photos Of Her Son After He Was Reportedly Beaten Up By Bullies

Yellow School bus with stop sigh in the street with red light open. Photo was taken in Canada.

Mother Posts Bloody Photos Of Her Son After He Was Reportedly Beaten Up By Bullies

The woman claimed the attack occurred when he got off the school bus.

Published February 8, 2019

This week, a Facebook post about a child who was reportedly beaten by bullies after getting off the school bus went viral, and now people are criticizing the mother who shared the image.

On Wednesday evening, Facebook user “Tasha Dontinboxme Dillon” shared the photos of her son with the caption, “Not happy at all these funky ass schools dont stop the bullying im gone take matters into my own hands and beat the snot out someone’s child 😡😡😡😡(it happened at home when he got off the bus).”

Within the span of a few hours, the post was shared thousands of times and sparked conversation about the increase of bullying and violence at school.

However, just a short while after the post went viral, a member of the “Where is baby Kate?” Facebook page combed through Dillon’s page and found troubling videos of her young daughter riding in the car without a car seat or seat belt.

 “Please report this-

Mom posts about her son being bullied but yet puts her own daughter at risk daily. This is unacceptable and will be reported! FYI there are multiple videos and pics at different times with no car seat in the comments, I counted 4 kids in this car who would have seriously been hurt if she got in a car accident,” the post read.

In the video posted by the page, a toddler is seen standing in the passenger seat of a vehicle while the vehicle is moving. The little girl is holding a wooden back scratcher and is hitting what appears to be the son from the previous viral bullying post as he ducks on the floorboard of the passenger seat.

Dillon, who was identified as 39-year old Tashica Domaine Dillon, was arrested by Grambling, Louisiana, police when they learned she was selling marijuana during her shift at Super Discount Liquor 3, reported KTBS,

Since being called out for her actions, Dillon has removed the viral post and set her account to private.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Manonallard/Getty Images)


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