Boston Mayor Calls The Brutal Killing Of 23-Year-Old Mom Jassy Correia ‘A Horrible Tragedy For The City’

Boston Mayor Calls The Brutal Killing Of 23-Year-Old Mom Jassy Correia ‘A Horrible Tragedy For The City’

Marty Walsh also called the suspect "an animal" and urged people to take care of each other when going out at night.

Published March 1, 2019

The Mayor Boston is calling the death of 23-year-old mother Jassy Correia a “tragedy” after her body was found dead in the truck of a suspect’s car.

According to her family, Correia’s body was found Thursday after officials conducted a days-long extensive search. The young mom was last seen early Sunday morning leaving a nightclub, where she celebrated her 23rd birthday with friends.

Mayor Marty Walsh mourned the loss of Correia during a press conference.

“A horrible tragedy for the city of Boston, a young mother, a young life,” Walsh said, according to CBS Boston. “This young woman had a lot of ties here in Dorchester. She played sports growing up here; she has friends here; she’s raising a child … a little girl. It’s just really, really sad.”

According to Boston Police, 32-year-old Louis Coleman III, of Providence, kidnapped Correia. He was arrested Thursday afternoon on a highway in Delaware. Correia’s family said her body was in the trunk of Coleman’s car.

Coleman was pulled over in a red car similar to the one Correia was last seen getting into the night she disappeared.

While police confirmed a body was found, they are waiting for a positive identification.

“This guy … this guy is an animal,” Walsh said.

Jassy leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter.

“The pain that we feel as a city right now is real as we mourn the loss of a young life that was taken too soon. My heart breaks for Jassy’s family and friends, and her young daughter,” Walsh tweeted Friday. “Together, let’s watch over one another. We are our brothers and our sisters’ keeper.”

Walsh also noted that this is the second case in two months where a woman was preyed upon while out with friends. He urged caution.

“To people going out, whether young men or young woman, just be careful,” Walsh said. “Just be careful when you go out there. You just don’t know who’s out there preying on people, what the situation is.”

The Correia family has set up a GoFundMe page to help Jassy’s daughter.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: ABC News)


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