Las Vegas Cop Charged With Misconduct After Recording A Man’s Genitals And Using The N-Word

Las Vegas Cop Charged With Misconduct After Recording A Man’s Genitals And Using The N-Word

Rachel Sorkow is also accused of forcing a mentally ill man to twerk.

Published March 20, 2019

A Las Vegas Metro Police officer faces charges of misconduct and indecent exposure after she allegedly made a mentally ill man dance for her, force-fed gummy bears to a man in handcuffs, and used a racial slur all while recording on her personal cellphone, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Officer Rachel Sorkow was booked Tuesday on five counts of misconduct of a police officer and one count each of indecent exposure and capturing an image of another person’s private area.

Sorkow’s lawyer said they plan to fight the charges.

While on duty, Officer Rachel Sorkow used shared private data from “criminal justice informational systems” and used a personal phone to record interactions with people, which was in violation of department policy, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Investigators found the videos during a probe into allegations made against Sorkow. Text conversations and messaging records revealed Sorkow looked up information on potential boyfriends and girlfriends of her associates.

Officials first began looking into Sorkow in September when they learned a felon persuaded the officer to check if the police were following him.

Soon, investigators learned that an on-duty Sorkow was providing associates with addresses, background checks and license plate numbers, police said.

Police allege Sorkow conducted criminal history inquiries for associates for personal reasons on at least 19 occasions, according to the report.

In December, investigators confiscated Sorkow’s phone, where they found seven videos of her interactions with citizens. Four of the videos were particularly disturbing to the department.

First, in April 2017, Sorkow took video of a man in a dress who officials believed to be mentally ill. While the man stood next to Sorkow’s cruiser door, she requested he dance for her.

”I just want to see you dougie (sic) and twerk and then we’re good,” Sorkow is heard saying. “Come on!”

The man dances while Sorkow raps.

Sorkow shared the video with at least three people and also referred to the man as a “shim,” which is a transphobic slur.

In November 2017, Sorkow took videos of herself feeding gummy bears to a man in handcuffs.

“Partners with the community, feeding criminals gummy bears,” Sorkow is heard saying, an ode to Metro’s slogan.

“Give him another one, give him another one! Open your mouth, eat it!” Sorkow says.

Then in January 2018, Sorkow responded to a domestic violence call involving a 250-pound intoxicated woman.

During the encounter, Sorkow asked the woman if she would be in the reality TV show “My 600-pound Life.”

Months later in May, Sorkow and her partner responded to complaints of a man exposing himself in front of a business.

After the man was handcuffed, Sorkow told him to kick the cruiser as he’d previously done, which would ultimately expose his genitals.

“Do it again,” Sorkow told him.

Sorkow laughed and zoomed in her camera to focus on the man’s groin area.

“Do it again!”

Then in the vehicle, Sorkow tells the man to say, “What’s up my (n-word).”

Sorkow then asked, “and what are Black people?” in an effort to get the man to say the word again.

During questioning, Sorkow told detectives she was joking and meant no harm.

Sorkow has been relieved of her duties and is currently out on a $5,000 bail.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)


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