People Want Cardi B To Get Her Leash After Tomi Lahren Asked Feminists If The Game's Post About Her Was OK

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People Want Cardi B To Get Her Leash After Tomi Lahren Asked Feminists If The Game's Post About Her Was OK

The Fox News correspondent was called a "hypocrite" for turning to women after previously disrespecting Michelle Obama and others.

Published March 20, 2019

In February, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren and rapper The Game were engaged in a social media beef over Lahren's comments regarding the ICE arrest of 21 Savage. After a month of silence, the Fox News correspondent responded to The Game's insults, and some people are calling her out.

Game started off by calling Lahren a "C*m-gargling, microwaved carrot-skinned, 90-year-old white man body-having s**t," on Instagram. 

“You the same dumb broad that was singing the lyrics to his song not long ago…,” he continued. “Now using his situation & the culture deep down you love so much for content on ya bum a** twitter page etc…”

The Game has since been challenged by the hosts of The Real for his use of misogynistic language.

“It’s never a woman thing. That post was about Tomi Lahren herself for her actions, and I wanted to post something that’d be brash about it, and I hope that it made her day bad, and her co-workers looked at her crazy, and she had a terrible day," he told the hosts of The Real.

The rapper doubled down on his word choice and even posted a new Instagram attack. 

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@tomilahren I had to post this picture of you “Mega Mind” because you limited comments on your post.... listen here semen chugger, as long as you have that forehead & that baby giraffe wee wee of a nose, you’ll never win !!! You’re a racist slut who sucked & swallowed her way into her job & position only to misuse your platform & degrade the very culture you you praised so much before your mediocre rise to media fame. You are a closet racist & the exact opposite of the role model for young girls of any color so stop the “ I do this for the young girls who... “ Bitch shut the fuck up !!! You had 9 plastic surgeries because you hated yourself & after that when stripped of all make up, still look like a peeled orange & that’s what you think young girls should look up to & be motivated by ??? Because of this scary world we live where most celebrities walk on egg shells instead of voicing their opinions on foul shit, I caught ya cone head ass slippin & called you on your bullshit !!! It took you months to come up wit that lame ass response & you thought people would rally behind you... but nope ! You are no ones role model, hero, motivation nor have you changed anyone’s life so once again, here you are getting put in your mothafuckin place by someone who represents & defends the culture you secretly love but try to shit on in the public eye. WE are all REAL WOKE in 2019 & WE are not tolerating YOURS or anyone else’s bullshit.... so go find a bathroom mirror, strip down all that cheap make up & look at the REAL YOU whore & cry !!! & just know, no matter what you say or do in this lifetime... you can never UN-SWALLOW all the dicks you sucked on the way up. Oh’ & keep your mouth closed, I can smell the unborn babies from here !!!! P.S. put another quarter in, I’ll be here when you’re ready to play -THE GAME #HelicopterLaunchPadForeheadHavinAss #InstagramAndTheMassAgendaWillDeleteThisIn5432.... 🖕🏾

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During a segment on Fox News, Lahren devoted four minutes to respond to The Game and his posts. 

"But there was one vile rapper -- I use the word 'rapper' very loosely because he hasn’t really been relevant in 10 years -- who calls himself 'The Game,'" Tomi began.

"His degrading posts (plural) on social media about me were so below-the-belt, sexually explicit and vile I never responded, until now. See, I have no problem arguing political points or policy but this fool’s attack on me had nothing to do with politics.

"It was all personal, all disgusting, and yes, dare I say it, sexist? I do. Sexist!" she continued. 

"Not only is what he said about me disgusting, explicit and wrong -- I know girls see this stuff and think, I will never speak out like Tomi does and I will never be confident in my opinions because look what happens when you are -- you get treated like less than a human. And to attack my appearance when I was in high school, and now, really?" she asked.

After Tomi tweeted the video of her response, many people called her a "hypocrite" for pulling the feminism card and being offended by words when she has repeatedly attacked liberals for getting "triggered." 

Lahren then tweeted a screenshot of The Game's Instagram post with the caption, "hey feminists, this okay with you?"

The millennial conservative called on feminists to help her when she's made bashing liberal feminists a prominent part of her career. In one particular tweet, Lahren told former first lady Michelle Obama to "sit down."

Needless to say, her call for feminist action did not go over well. 

Written by BET Staff

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