Soledad O’Brien Shares Touching Tribute To Her 'Remarkable' Mother

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Soledad O’Brien Shares Touching Tribute To Her 'Remarkable' Mother

The journalist lost her mom just 40 days after her father passed away.

Published March 21, 2019

On Monday journalist Soledad O'Brien shared the devastating news that her mother passed away. This emotional loss comes just 40 days after the former CNN host lost her father. 

In a touching Twitter thread, O'Brien shared photos of her late mother, Estella O’Brien.

“My mom died today. Joining my dad who passed away 40 days ago. She was a pretty remarkable lady,” O’Brien wrote. 

She then described the remarkable achievements made by her mother, including her learning multiple languages and becoming an educator. 

Soledad’s father, Edward, died in February at age 85. Edward and Estella worked hard to send all six of their kids to college, and some even went to grad school. 

O'Brien also shared words of wisdom that her mother passed on. 

"She was pretty awesome," O'Brien wrote. "But mostly I wish lots of young, working women had access to her wisdom. 'Everyone gets the same 24 hours. Decide how you'll spend yours.' 'Take 24 hours to sit in bed and cry..then stop complaining and make a list and plan your comeback.'"


Written by BET Staff

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