Girl Was Expelled From Her High School For Kicking A Boy Who Entered The Bathroom To ‘Protest’ A Trans Student

Bathroom at ISPA High School, Miami-Dade, Florida

Girl Was Expelled From Her High School For Kicking A Boy Who Entered The Bathroom To ‘Protest’ A Trans Student

The school is now under fire.

Published April 15th

An Alaskan high school has expelled a girl who kicked a boy in the groin after he entered the girl’s bathroom.

The boy was there protesting against a third student, who is transitioning from female to male. That student had posted a selfie from inside the boy’s bathroom on Snapchat.

The incident happened at North Pole High School earlier this month. According to Dr. Karen Gaborik, the superintendent of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, a group of boys at the school were "upset about the public nature of the post and restroom use," part of her statement read. It’s why they decided to enter a girls’ restroom “as a form of protest” against the transgender student.

"Tomorrow identify as a women and use the women's bathroom if you want this s**t to end," a snap about the protest posted on Facebook read. "If we identify as Women and use the girls bathroom we are set so let's do it, don't do it to be a a**hole we are doing it to boycot this bulls**t."

  1. Gaborik claims that as the first boy in the group made it past the door of the bathroom, a girl who was leaving the restroom kicked him in the groin. All the other boys then left the area.

    The school district conducted a Title IX investigation and disciplined the girl for using force against another student. She is not related to the trans student.

    The school also says it disciplined seven boys for attempting to enter the girls’ restroom. The disciplinary actions against them were not revealed to the public.

    A sister of the expelled girl tweeted the punishment she received and it went viral. “My sister was expelled for kneeing a guy in the d**k after he was blocking her in the WOMENS bathroom,” the tweet read. The family also confirmed the expulsion to Buzzfeed.

  2. The girl, whose name hasn’t been released due to her current appeal of the expulsion, was expelled due to her alleged assault of the boy.

    "We do not advocate physical or psychological violence as a means to attain safety," Gaborik said in her statement. "If a student uses force against another student or against staff, that use of force is evaluated for potential discipline under the self-defense laws of the State and the facts and circumstances of the incident."

Written by BET Staff

Photo: Dan Forer


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