Christian School Expels Two Black Students Because Their Mother Committed ‘Adultery’

Classroom without children at school's out. The desks are in rows and you can read the names of the children on the front of the desks drawn in multicolour. Photo was taken in elementary school in Quebec Canada.

Christian School Expels Two Black Students Because Their Mother Committed ‘Adultery’

Summer Grant, whose two daughters have different fathers, recorded a conversation with the pastor.

Published April 20th

A mother from Ohio is sharing her shocking story regarding her two daughters who were removed from a private Christian school because she “committed adultery.”

Summer Grant, 30, told WYKC that her second grader Summaia and fourth grader Summara have attended Chapel Hill Christian Schools in Northeastern Ohio for years and were dismissed last Friday with only 30 days left in the school year.

Grant reportedly recorded a conversation she had with Pastor John Wilson, who informed her she was violating the school’s covenant by having children with different fathers. According to him, Grant was allegedly “living in sin.”

“He said it was many reasons and the main one was because I was not married and my children had different fathers,” she explained. Additionally, the pastor, who is also a school administrator, claimed Grant was violating the covenant by not being married to the men she had the two girls with.

Pastor Wilson can be heard saying in the recorded footage. “It's not that they should not go to the school it's that they can't go to the school.”

Grant says her children are great students and proudly showed off the accolades and certificates the two earned from their school. Also on the footage, Wilson is heard saying that having kids by the same man is a “strong recommendation” but not a requirement. The mother claims she isn’t the only parent that isn’t married with kids and wonders why she was signaled out.

Pastor Wilson released a joint statement with Jeff Sumner, the Board of Education Chairman for the school. He claims that parents sign a “written agreement to conduct themselves in accordance with expressed guidelines of conducts.”

That agreement is “meant to reflect a common commitment to the cause of Christ, foster the spirit of unity through the bond of peace, and continue to extend the redemptive work of Christ in individual lives and the corporate life of God's School.”

While not being specific, Wilson asserted that the “dismissal was necessary in order to protect the safety of our school children and their families.”

Grant claims she never signed any agreement of the sort.

Written by BET Staff

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