Video Shows White Texas Officer Attempt To Arrest Black Man Because He 'Looks Like' A Fugitive

Video Shows White Texas Officer Attempt To Arrest Black Man Because He 'Looks Like' A Fugitive

Clarence Evans was physically detained while throwing a football with his son.

Published May 15, 2019

A Texas police department is investigating a video of a police officer attempting to arrest a Black man in front of his wife and son because he thought he was a fugitive.

In a Facebook video posted by Clarence Evans on May 8, a Harris County deputy approaches Evans while he is playing with his son and accuses him of being a dog thief from Louisiana.

"He said there was a report of a stolen dog," Evans told Click2Houston. "Then he asks me for my ID, and I said I felt I didn't need to give that."

That's when the deputy reportedly grabbed Evans and again accused him of being a fugitive named Quentin.

In the video, Evans tells the deputy he's got the wrong guy, and the deputy responds, "Then, well, let's just see the ID and we'll be done.”

Evans told Click2Hosuton the deputy called him "Quentin" and "Reg" before the video started.

"You've already called me by three different names!" Evans yells in the video. "My name is not f—g Quentin!"

Kenya Evans, Clarence’s wife, then repeatedly tells the deputy her husband is "not Quentin" and asks, "Who are you looking for?"

Eventually, a second deputy arrives and brings the first deputy his phone, that has a picture of the fugitive on it.

"Doesn't that look like you?" the deputy asks Evans in the video.

"No! That don't look like me! What the f—k is wrong with you?!" Evans responds. "You trying to say because I've got dreads, that's me?!"

  1. Once the second deputy realizes there has been a mix-up, the confrontation ends without an apology.

    Now Evans wants the officer and the department to apologize.

    "My kids were out there watching. I don't want my son to have that memory of [their] dad being hauled off to jail and I didn't do anything wrong," Evans told FOX46.

    Police Union President Joe Gamaldi reviewed the tape and suggested the officer was not wrong.

    "That officer very much thought he had the right person and this person just didn't want to go to jail,” Gamaldi told FOX46. "This officer was not there by chance he got a call where a civilian said this individual standing in this lawn has a warrant out of Louisiana, so the officer doesn't have the option to ignore that he has to do his job.”

    However, Evans says the deputy never informed him he was looking for man with a warrant and instead just kept saying he knew his name was Quentin.

    “Had he been up front and said he had a warrant for a guy named Quentin, it would have ended in three minutes. I would have showed him my I.D., showed him that I wasn't Quentin, like I say, show him my I.D. It wasn't going to matter, because he had it set in his mind I was Quentin,” Evans told FOX46.

    Evans says the only similarities between him and the photo of Quentin is they are both Black men with dreadlocks. He also says Quentin looks to be at least 20 years older.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: KHOU11)


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