Family Of Alabama Inmate Who Says She Was Raped In Custody Demands Full Investigation Into Her Mysterious Pregnancy

Family Of Alabama Inmate Who Says She Was Raped In Custody Demands Full Investigation Into Her Mysterious Pregnancy

Latoni Daniel has been jailed without bail for 17 months and is eight months pregnant.

Published May 16th

The family of an Alabama inmate who says she was raped while in custody is demanding the Coosa County facility open a full investigation into her pregnancy.

In 2017, Latoni Daniel, 26, was arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with a fatal robbery in Coosa County.

She was charged with her ex-boyfriend, Ladaniel Tuck. Tuck is accused of fatally shooting 87-year-old Thomas Virgil Chandler during a robbery. Daniel is accused of being the getaway driver.

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  2. Daniel has been in custody for 17 months and is 8 months pregnant. She revealed her pregnancy to her lawyer in 2018 when she first learned about it, reported CBS 42

    According to her attorney, Daniel was in Coosa County Jail until she discovered she was pregnant. She has since been moved to another county jail.

    Terrell Ransaw, Daniel’s brother, said she has zero recollection of a sexual encounter.

    “She wasn’t pregnant when she went to jail,” Terrell Ransaw, Daniel’s brother, told

    He and Daniel’s attorney Mickey McDermott believe she was raped by someone in the Coosa County facility possibly while she was taking legally prescribed medication for seizures.

    "It had to happen at night when she was unconscious after she took her medicine because that's when they gave her her medicine, at night," Ransaw told CBS 42.

    Although McDermott submitted a request for an investigation to Coosa County officials, he has not received a response.

    "She hasn't even gotten so much as an investigator sitting down with her saying, tell us what you know and we will investigate it," McDermott told CBS 42.

    Family members say no matter the charge, Daniel deserves to be protected in custody while she waits for her case to go to trial.

    "I don't cry that much but I cried after I heard that because that is my sister and no woman needs to go through the stuff that she had to go through and bear a child this way,” Ransaw told CBS 42. "If I am locked up, that means you're supposed to make sure that I am good at all times, stuff like this should not happen.”

    McDermott also revealed Daniel is barred from having sex while in Alabama custody.

    "By Alabama law, she cannot consent to having sex and legally she cannot have sex and nobody can have sex with her," McDermott told the local news station.

    While they wait for answers, Ransaw said he is preparing for the arrival of his future nephew, who the family still considers a blessing.

    "We happy for my little nephew, he is going to be spoiled, he is going to be taken care of, he is going to be loved," said Ransaw.

    Daniel previously served in the Army National Guard and was honorably discharged, according to family members and court documents.

  3. Daniel doesn’t have any prior felony convictions. In 2013, she was arrested on a theft charge in Alex City, but a grand jury declined to indict her, according to

    The Coosa County Administrator's Office and the Coosa County Attorney have not commented on these allegations.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: CBS 42)


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