Shocking Video Shows An Atlanta Police Officer Tasing And Punching A Woman

Police car with lights on in downtown district

Shocking Video Shows An Atlanta Police Officer Tasing And Punching A Woman

Sgt. James Hines was fired after the video surfaced.

Published May 22, 2019

An Atlanta police officer has been fired after video showed him repeatedly using a stun gun on a woman and punching her in the face in front of her crying four-year-old daughter.

Atlanta police say Sgt. James Hines’ use of force against Maggie Thomas was unnecessary. Thomas was sitting in her car with her daughter on May 1 and had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court for a speeding ticket.

Thomas says she was holding her daughter when she was first shocked and dialed 911 and honked her horn to alert neighbors. Video recorded by witnesses has gone viral.

Thomas’ daughter can be heard hysterically crying and screaming at her mother, “Are you going to jail?” A disorderly conduct charge against the woman was dropped last week.

The incident escalated after Hines asked Thomas for her name and then snatched her left arm and slapped a handcuff on her waist as she was on the phone with a friend. The woman was then ordered to hand over her phone but refused to and dialed 911 instead. It was then that she was threatened with being Tased.

Thomas says Hines hit her with a stun gun while her daughter was still holding on to her and then threw her in a chokehold, threw her to the ground and drove his foot into her back. She was then tased a second time.

“When I say, that he punches me in my left eye, throws me back on the ground and he's on top of me,” Thomas said in a video shared by her attorney on Facebook. “I was really disappointed with APD, the whole entire staff because it felt like it could have been handled differently.”

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, after an investigation by the Office of Professional Standards, Sgt. Hines was dismissed from duty effective May 17 for using excessive force during an arrest that was “unnecessary and inconsistent with Atlanta Police Department training,”

See the shocking video below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Thomas Winz


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