Video Shows Georgia 10-Year-Old Jump In A Pool To Save Her 3-Year-Old Sister From Drowning

Video Shows Georgia 10-Year-Old Jump In A Pool To Save Her 3-Year-Old Sister From Drowning

Kali Dallis was hospitalized for two weeks after the terrifying incident.

Published June 3rd

  1. Surveillance video recorded at a Georgia apartment complex swimming pool shows the harrowing moment a 10-year-old girl saved her 3-year-old sister from drowning.

    On May 15, Kali Dallis and her older sister, Jayla, were swimming at the Savoy Apartment Complex pool in Chamblee, WSB reported.

    Kali jumped into the shallow end with a float tube around her waist. The tube tipped over, trapping Kali underwater. Her feet then slipped out of the inflatable tube, and she went underwater.

    At the opposite end of the pool, Jayla had just gotten out, completely unaware of the dangerous situation her little sister was in.

    Once Jayla realized her sister was underwater, she immediately jumped into the water, swam towards Kali, and pulled her out of the pool.

  2. "She was like, heavy, so I had to pull her by her hair, and then I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up," Jayla told the local news station.

    A witness at the pool called 911 while Kali's aunt and the apartment operations manager took turns performing CPR.

    Chamblee police Sgt. Ed Lyons, who was less than two miles away, quickly raced to the scene. When he arrived at the pool, Sgt. Lyons, who is the father of a six-year-old girl, sprang into action.

    "I saw my little girl laying there. Same kind of little bathing suit she wears. Same little hair pulled up in a little bun up top. You know you kind of have to push past that and do what you're trained to do," Sgt. Lyons told WSB.

    Sgt. Lyons performed CPR until an ambulance arrived at the apartment complex. Although she was spitting up water and had a pulse, Kali remained in critical condition.

    The child was transported to Scottish Rite Hospital, where she was placed on a ventilator for several days.

    After two weeks of hospitalization, Kali made a miraculous recovery.

    "It's amazing. It's a miracle. Don't take your eyes off of them. Don't take your eyes off of them. All the floats are not safe. Be careful. Watch your kids," Kali's mother, Daneshia Dallis, told WSB.

    She will be heading home as early as Friday, and while it was a close call for Kali, her doctors anticipate that she'll make a full recovery.

    Dallis said she plans to enroll her daughter in swimming lessons.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Good Morning America/ABC News)


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