Alleged Mistress Of The Man Suspected Of Killing Maleah Davis Speaks Out

Alleged Mistress Of The Man Suspected Of Killing Maleah Davis Speaks Out

She met Derion Vence on a website called Tagged.

Published June 8th

It looks like there is more to the story when it comes to the unfortunate death of the young angel, Maleah Davis.

Recently, a woman known allegedly as the mistress of Derion Vence, whom she met on a social website called “Tagged,” is speaking out about her lover, the mother of the slain girl, Brittany Bowen’s, and threats to be arrested by the police.

On June 7, the mistress spoke with Houston’s Fox 26, telling them that she met Derion Vence online about a year ago. Although she was aware that Vence was engaged to Bowens, she continued with the secret and intimate relationship. The mistress made claims Vence was hesitant about leaving Bowens because he didn’t think she was a good parent, so they discontinued their intimate relationship in April and decided to be just friends.

"It was always an obstacle in the relationship. He was debating if he was staying or leaving, so I was OK with it. And then as time went by it seemed like he was more OK with being in a relationship, and so I left it alone," says the former mistress. The friends remained in contact via text messages and photos, but not during the time that Maleah went missing.

The mistress believes that Derion Vence is innocent of causing harm to Maleah Davis and the police should be looking to Bowens for answers.

"A friendship's a friendship, and I would hate to see somebody, even if it was my family, in jail without a support system or anybody to actually stick up for what type of person they were when they can’t stick up for themselves," she said.

The former spokesperson for Maleah’s family, Quanell X, mentioned that he spoke with the mistress just two days before Vence’s confession that led to finding the remains of the 4-year-old girl.

"She talked a lot about she thought that Derion was going to leave Brittany to be with her because she said that’s what Derion was telling her. She’s pro-Derion, and so whatever she thinks will support and help Derion coming from her, that’s what she’s going to do," he said.

The former mistress has her doubts about the confession. "How did you know you already had a confession if you had not met with Derion yet? You weren’t meeting with Derion for two days after," she says.

"If the confession was bogus well how I found the body? I mean it didn’t just fall out the sky where she was. It didn’t fall out of the sky what happened to her. These were things that came directly from her lover," Quanell X said in response.

There are a few things that the former mistress wants people to know which includes Vence not being gay. "Well, I know Derion isn't gay. For a fact he puts females' numbers under guys' numbers so Brittany won't find them," she shared.

She also tells Fox 26 that she received a very unpleasant text message from Bowen when she discovered his Tagged profile about a year ago. "Brittany one time had messaged me on this website and threatened me," she said. "She says, 'Well, I can meet you in public and **** you up real quick.'"

She asked Vence to change her name in his phone. "I told Derion, 'You've got my number. Put it under a guy's number so Brittany doesn't know it's me,'" she said.

Vence is only charged with tampering of evidence but not for murder.

The former mistress says that she will continue to support her friend via mail and that she has already written him several letters to tell him how he is being portrayed in the media.

"If I talk to Derion, and then people would think I know something, or I was involved. I was not involved, and I would rather just stay my distance while all this is going on, and be in the background and figure it out," she says. "After she went missing, I have not talked to Derion," she said. "I write Derion letters in jail all the time."

Although Quanell X announced that he stepped down from representing the family on May 29, he says he is still involved with the case and is putting most of his focus on making sure Maleah receives a proper burial.

The mistress canceled a meeting with detectives because they threatened to arrest her for felony warrants on crimes she committed in other states.

Let's pray that justice is served for young Maleah Davis.

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: KTRK)


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