Sisters Surprise Their Stepdad By Taking His Last Name In Honor Of Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day.  Little girl gives homemade card to her dad in front yard of family home.  African descent family.

Sisters Surprise Their Stepdad By Taking His Last Name In Honor Of Father’s Day

A viral video captured the emotional moment.

Published June 17th

Father’s Day is an annual occasion to celebrate dads of all kinds.

In a video that went viral on Sunday (June 16), Jia and her sister Jazel surprised their stepdad, Marvin Bowers, with a card and a letter revealing that they are changing their last names to Bowers. Jia posted the video and explained why they made the incredible gesture.

“My biological dad was a drug addict and physically abusive to my mother. 12 years ago, my stepdad brought the light into our world again,” Jia captioned the video. “He’s always loved me and my sister as his own. And so we decided to change our last name this Father’s Day. I love you Dad.”

  1. According to Buzzfeed, Jia is a 22-year-old senior nursing student at Seattle University and the one in the yellow dress. Her sister Jazel is 19 years old and a soccer player at Boise State University. Maya, their 11-year-old half-sister, is also in the video. The video was captured by their mom, Sae Bowers.

    "We wanted to be the 'Bowers Family.’ My youngest sister would ask why her sisters' last names were different than the rest of the family,” Jia told Buzzfeed.

    Those in the clip weren’t the only ones tearing up. Thousands of people responded to the video and were emotional as well. See below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: fstop123


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