Maleah Davis Honored With ‘My Little Pony’ Casket For Upcoming Funeral

Maleah Davis Honored With ‘My Little Pony’ Casket For Upcoming Funeral

The 4-year-old’s obituary states that the animated series was one of her favorites.

Published June 20, 2019

Written by Paul Meara

It’s been a month and a half since four-year-old Maleah Davis was reported missing and three weeks since her body was found, and now, it’s just two days away until she’ll be laid to rest.

Davis’ tragic death has the whole nation in mourning after she was allegedly killed by her own stepfather, Derion Vence. The young girl’s obituary recently surfaced online and it paints a beautiful picture of her and the people she touched during her short time on this Earth.

"She touched the lives of many; our shining, beautiful little girl, the light of our lives and the star of our hearts who leaves us smiling through our tears," reads the obituary on Richardson Mortuary's website. "She was happiness personified."

The obituary confirms previous reports that her favorite color pink and says, "she loved My Little Pony, all the girly things one could imagine." In honor of that, Davis will be laid to rest in a casket covered in My Little Pony artwork. The top also reveals a smiling Maleah riding character Rainbow Dash among the clouds.

The sides of the casket are covered with other ponies from the animated series as well as rainbows. The casket was created and donated by Texas-based company Trey Ganem’s SoulShine Industries. On Instagram, Craig Davis, Maleah’s biological father, posted an image of the casket.

Maleah Davis’ remains were discovered on May 31 but not immediately identified. After an autopsy was performed, police confirmed it was her.

Maleah was reported missing on May 4 by Vence, who initially claimed the girl was abducted by three men during a carjacking. After investigators found Vence’s car in Missouri City, Texas, cadaver-sniffing dogs detected the scent of human remains inside the trunk. Additionally, police found traces of blood matching Maleah’s DNA inside Vence’s apartment bathroom.

Vence is charged with tampering with evidence and remains in prison.

Photo: (Photo: KHOU11)


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