Brothers Attack Their Mother's Murderer In An Ohio Courtroom


Brothers Attack Their Mother's Murderer In An Ohio Courtroom

Dale Williams, 62, was convicted of murdering 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart.

Published July 12th

Grief boiled over into violence for two Youngstown, Ohio men whose mother was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

62-year-old Dale Williams was convicted of murdering 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart. He was in the middle of being sentenced in a Mahoning County courtroom Thursday (July 11) when her sons lunged for him.

Video shows both men punching the convicted murder. Security quickly lunged in to break up the fight with one of the men ending up being tased.

“You killed my mother, man,” one of the men said while being handcuffed. Both men were arrested for contempt of court and taken from the courtroom.


Pledger-Stewart’s family was preparing to make a victim impact statement in court when the fight broke out. The statement is heard by the judge before he renders a decision about how much time the convicted man should receive behind bars.

The sentencing was postponed and the killer was taken to a local hospital.

“Our deputies there intervened. We had extra officers in the courtroom to begin with,” Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene said Thursday, according to WKBN. “I’m sure they knew that there were some tensions with this sentencing hearing. From everything I can see, the officers acted appropriately. In fact, did a pretty good job, in my opinion.”

Williams was charged in 2017 for the murder of Pledger-Stewart. Witnesses say in June, he ran his ex-girlfriend off the road and crashed into the back of her vehicle. He subsequently shot her repeatedly and unloaded his weapon into her after she left her vehicle.

The tragic incident happened just a day after Pledger-Stewart reportedly filed a report with the Boardman Police Department claiming Williams had threatened her.

While no official sentence has been ruled, Williams faces 23 years to life in prison. He plead guilty in May to aggravated murder.


Written by Paul Meara

Photo: ftwitty


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