Montgomery County Police Department Releases Full Video Of Officer Using N-Word During An Arrest

Montgomery County Police Department Releases Full Video Of Officer Using N-Word During An Arrest

Here's what the police chief said about the alleged incident of racial profiling.

Published July 15, 2019

Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, released a 205-minute-long body cam video from an incident involving an officer who used the n-word during an encounter with four Black men outside a McDonald’s.

On May 9, Montgomery County police received reports of four men who were loitering in the area. One of the men, Barry Tucker, recorded footage from the exchange with the police officers. Tucker told the officers they were waiting for a ride to their landscaping job.

While speaking with the men, an unidentified female police officer used the n-word.

  1. “You want to get out of here fast right?” the officer began when one of the men noted how many officers were on the scene.

    “So if you have more people, y'all n—s been trying to do something,” she then said to the men.  

    Then when one of the men criticized her use of the word, she responded, “Uh nope that's a quote, those were your words. What I am doing is repeating your words.”

    “I bet if she didn’t have that badge on she wouldn’t have called us no n—s,” one of the men said.

    After the video was published to social media, the Montgomery County council demanded the police release more information about the video.

    “After viewing the full 12-minute video, and then after speaking with two of the four young men who were detained, it became clear to me there are a lot of issues going on here outside of the use of the racist and derogatory word, the N-word – the tone of the officers is demeaning. There is also the question of why were the young men stopped in the first place. I became aware that the county police have agreements with some private businesses to enforce trespassing orders as their agents to act as agents of the business,” Councilmember Will Jawando told FOX 5 DC.

    The MCPD posted a statement to it’s Facebook page saying the language was inappropriate.

    “The statements observed on the social media video clip are contrary to our extensive training curriculum that include implicit bias training and other training programs to ensure fair, unbiased, and non-discriminatory policing in our community.”

    Then on July 12, MCPD Acting Chief Marcos Jones said the officer who used the word is on desk duty and eight other officers remain under investigation. Although Jones condemned the use of the word, he did defend the officers, who have been accused of racially profiling the men and performing an unjust stop and frisk.

  2. “This is not what some people call a random stop and frisk action — it began with the officer in the video asking them to move along — at that point and what is not apparent on social media or video of the incident was that our officer detected an odor of marijuana on at least two of the individuals. This was probable cause for arrest and the reason why the individuals and a backpack were searched-marijuana was recovered from two of the subjects,” Jones told reporters.

    Jones also said the men didn’t buy anything in the McDonald’s, and the restaurant’s management encouraged the officers to ask the men to leave. Jones also said the officers allegedly smelled the odor of marijuana on the men.

    The four men were arrested for trespassing. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: FOX 5 DC)


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