Philadelphia Man Climbed A 19-Story Building To Rescue His Mother From A Fire

Philadelphia Man Climbed A 19-Story Building To Rescue His Mother From A Fire

The hero was captured on video.

Published July 21st

Written by Paul Meara

Last week, a man named Jermaine received a call from his sister about how their mother’s high-rise apartment building was on fire. It sprung him to action as he raced over to her apartment complex and began scaling the 19-story building.

"I climbed up with some barbed-wire cutters to cut the gate so at least the firefighters will be able to get upstairs," the 35-year-old told 6ABC. "When I first got out there there was a 100 cops out there, 50 firefighters. They said the whole building was on fire and they wasn't letting nobody in...I took it upon myself because that's my mother. There's no limits for my mother." 

Jermaine’s mother is reportedly bed-ridden and at the time was with her boyfriend. Contrary to reports he received by firefighters and police, fire had not reached the woman’s 15th-floor apartment.

Jermaine’s mother and her boyfriend were instructed to wait on the porch while the fire and smoke were being contained. Realizing his mother was fine, the son began making his descent. That’s when news cameras began rolling.

Since the footage went viral, Jermaine claims he didn’t do anything too special. "I think if anyone else was in that circumstances they would do the same thing, because don't nobody want to just sit outside and lose their mother," he said, revealing he previously learned how to climb buildings. "As kids, we used to jump roofs. Glad I had the practice."

Wow. What a story, and feat! See what all went down below.

Photo: 6ABC Philadelphia


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