White Woman Caught On Camera Calling Black Woman The N-Word At Grocery Store

White Woman Caught On Camera Calling Black Woman The N-Word At Grocery Store

Nicki Johnson was also told to “go back to Harlem.”

Published August 16th

Written by Angela Wilson

In what was supposed to be a peaceful grocery shopping trip at Publix Super Center, Nicki Johnson instead was called the N-word in a racist exchange with a white shopper.

Johnson, a Black woman, was shopping when she encountered a white woman who allegedly bumped her shopping cart while waiting in line. 

A video captured the exchange of the white woman, who has yet to be identified, refusing to apologize for crashing her cart into Johnsons’ before demanding she “go back to Harlem.”

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Johnson told The Daily Mail when she asked the woman to apologize, she allegedly replied, “I didn't hit you with my cart and f*** you, you f***ing n*****.”

This time Johnson began recording the incident on her cellphone, asking the shopper, “Why don’t you call me a n***** again?”

After yelling, “get away from me,” the woman darted down the aisle and was caught on camera directing a racial slur to Johnson. 

‘N*****!’ If you follow me down here I’ll call the cops. Because I did bang into you!”

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The video was shared on Johnson’s Instagram account and has since garnered over 11,000 views. The post also has over 200 comments.  

The woman has not been identified, and it’s unclear whether the police are investigating.

Photo: Ohyounicki Instagram


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