White Instagrammers Slammed For Insensitive Belfies With ‘Pray for Bahamas’ Captions

White Instagrammers Slammed For Insensitive Belfies With ‘Pray for Bahamas’ Captions

Many are calling out the inappropriate social media tributes as the Bahamas begins recovery efforts following Hurricane Dorian.

Published September 4, 2019

Written by Zayda Rivera

Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Bahamas for nearly 40 hours, leaving devastation and destruction in its wake. At least seven people died during the hurricane, reports Fox News

It may take the ravaged islands years to rebuild, and some Instagrammers showed their support by posting belfies, or a photo that one has taken of one’s own butt, with “Pray for Bahamas” captions to the disdain of many. 

“My heart is in (two),” model Tatiele Polyana wrote on instagram along with a bikini-clad rear-facing photo of herself in the beautiful clear water of the Bahamas, reports the Daily Mail. The photo has since been deleted.

“A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to know this immensity of clear water, truly a paradise, how sad, my God, to see the desperation of the people in the videos, so many houses, cars, hospitals and places all being devastated by this damn hurricane!” Polyana added. “Let’s pray for #Bahamas.” 

Her post was immediately met with disdainful comments pointing to her using the natural disaster as a way to self-promote, according to The Mail.

“This is a very odd photo to choose to show your concern for The Bahamas,” one person wrote in the comments below the model’s questionable pic. “It honestly seems more like you’re using the hashtag for a tragedy as self promotion.”

Another instagrammer posted a belfie with the caption, “The only B word I’d ever call my btch is BEAUTIFULLL.” 

Then she added, “On a serious note though, my favorite (most beautiful) beaches in the world are being torn up by hurricane Dorian as we speak (sad face emoji) the Bahamian people are heavy on my heart and in my prayers. Please do your part (however big or small) in helping them even though they are miles away. Don’t forget them. They have lost EVERYTHING. Some even family. Let’s not keep living our lives like nothing ever happened just because it didn’t hit us directly. Let’s be good humans and help each other.”

One follower commented, “Very tone deaf.” To which another user responded, “No kidding, huh? She’ll probably be deleting your comment soon.” 

Sofia Vergara was among those slammed for “tone-deaf” Instagram photos. “The Modern Family” star was vacationing with friends in the Bahamas ahead of the storm. 

She posted a photo one-week ago (August 28) with the caption, “Esperando a Dorian,” which translates to “Waiting for Dorian.”

Two days later, on Aug. 30, the TV star posted a photo on a private jet with the caption, “Bye bye Dorian!!” 

Vergara’s followers shot back, “Must be nice here I sit wondering if I will have to evacuate and will my pets be safe will I have electricity soon after the storm and will everything in my fridge have to be thrown away and I have to spend my money to replace. Very insensitive.”

“The insensitivity and arrogance of the rich never ceases to amaze,” another wrote in response to Vergara’s jet-setting post. “I’m glad her fans are calling her out on it. Bet she’ll be deleting this picture shortly.” 

Dramatic accounts of survival are emerging from the Bahamas islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama as Hurricane Dorian, with winds reaching upwards of 185 mph, demolished and flooded thousands of homes over the course of a day and a half. 

“Whole neighborhoods were swept by mighty surge higher than anything in memory,” tweeted Josh Morgerman, a professional storm chaser, who has covered 28 hurricanes, according to Fox News.

“Areas above water had catastrophic wind damage,” he added. “Many deaths reported from drowning, flying debris, & collapsing houses. Medical clinic overwhelmed. An absolute catastrophe. SEND HELP TO ABACO ISLANDS.”

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said Tuesday (September 3), reports Fox News, “We are in the midst of one of the greatest national crises in our country’s history.”

Photo: Premiumsdaily Instagram


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