#SharpieGate: Trump Mocked For Using Black Marker On Hurricane Dorian Storm Path Map To Include Alabama


#SharpieGate: Trump Mocked For Using Black Marker On Hurricane Dorian Storm Path Map To Include Alabama

Forecasters have reported the hurricane will not impact Alabama.

Published September 5, 2019

Written by Zayda Rivera

The Twitterverse is on fire with the hashtag #SharpieGate after Trump was slammed for showing a Hurricane Dorian storm path map at a press conference Wednesday (September 4) with what appeared to be black marker used to include parts of Alabama. 

“Alabama will NOT see any impacts,” the National Weather Service confirmed, following Trump’s false claim, which is the second time he’s insisted the hurricane will impact that state, reports Newsweek.

When a reporter asked him if a marker was used on the map, Trump responded, “I don’t know.” 

“Got Greenland! #sharpiegate” one user tweeted Thursday.

Another tweeted a photo of a recent Donald Trump Jr. speaking engagement with several stick figures drawn in black marker to make the crowd appear bigger. 

Donald Trump Jr. speaking to a packed arena last Thursday,” the person tweeted

And the jokes continue with another tweeting a photo of Trump standing alongside former President Barack Obama with black marker used above 45’s head to make him look taller.

“Trump releases a photo to show he’s taller than Obama,” the tweet reads

One user decided to get straight to the point, no photo needed, tweeting, “Donald Trump is so eager to break every law on the books, he’s now added 'illegally falsified a weather report' to his portfolio.”

In yet another Twitter rant, Trump shot back at the mockery he is currently the center of, tweeting, “In the early days of the hurricane, when it was predicted that Dorian would go through Miami or West Palm Beach, even before it reached the Bahamas, certain models strongly suggested that Alabama & Georgia would be hit as it made its way through Florida & to the Gulf…”

“Instead it turned North and went up the coast, where it continues now,” he wrote in a second tweet

"In the one model through Florida, the Great State of Alabama would have been hit or grazed. In the path it took, no. Read my FULL FEMA statement. What I said was accurate! All Fake News in order to demean!” 

A few hours later, Trump took to Twitter again and wrote, “Alabama was going to be hit or grazed, and then Hurricane Dorian took a different path (up along the East Coast). The Fake News knows this very well. That’s why they’re the Fake News!”

“This is probably the stupidest story since his crowd size on inauguration day….And I am here for every minute of it because this thin skinned petty man can’t let it go and keeps making a bigger and bigger fool of himself,” Travis Bone, executive producer of The Stephanie Miller Show, tweeted

Next, Trump might say, again, that climate change is a hoax. Well, not if the 2020 Democratic hopefuls have a say. 

On Wednesday (September 4), during CNN’s climate town hall, the Dems took global warming off the back burner where Trump put it and brought it once again to the forefront as an existential crisis. 

“We see that now with Hurricane Dorian,” said the former Housing and Urban Development Secretary and 2020 presidential hopeful, Julian Castro, reports USA Today.

“The Arctic ice caps melting. The Amazon on fire,” continued Castro, who said one of his goals would be to end the country’s reliance on carbon-fueled energy by 2045. “We don’t need climate scientists to tell us what we see with our eyes.” 

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


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