Family Says 14-Year-Old Denver Boy Was Shot And Killed Over A Pair Of Jordans

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Family Says 14-Year-Old Denver Boy Was Shot And Killed Over A Pair Of Jordans

Treaujalaune Lornes’ sister says he was murdered by one of his friends.

Published September 23, 2019

Written by Zayda Rivera

A 14-year-old boy who loved basketball died after he was allegedly shot over a pair of sneakers. 

Treaujalaune Lornes’ family is devastated by his shocking death, especially because they say the killer was one of the teen’s friends, reports Denver7

“He was sweet. He was a baby,” the boy’s sister Tyquajanna Lornes said. 

Known as Trey, Lornes dreamed of playing professional basketball in order to take care of his family.

“He wanted to have so much money (that) he could take care of everybody, his mom, all his brothers and me, and his little sister,” Tyquajanna added. 

His brief life came to an end Wednesday (Sept. 18) evening when he was shot inside a house on South Monaco Parkway, near Cook Park, Denver7 reports. 

Earlier reports indicated the teen was shot over an altercation about a gun.

“My brother got shot on the stairs in the house, and now they’re saying that it’s not over a gun, it was over a pair of shoes!” Tyquajanna said, distraught, to Denver7. “It was over a pair of shoes!” 

Denver police arrested a juvenile suspect, whose identity has not been revealed, Friday (Sept. 20) morning. 

The suspect is being held for investigation of manslaughter, second-degree assault, three counts of felony menacing, attempting to influence public officials and juvenile in possession of a handgun, local Denver CBS4 reports

“The boy that sat there with him and watched him die, and watched him go, when he should have died at home with us, killed him,” Tyquajanna told Denver7.

The boy’s mother, Ms. Lornes, said she spoke to the other boy’s mother.

“She told me, ‘My son feels so bad. He cries every night and tells me that he sees Trey all over again every time he goes to sleep,’” Ms. Lornes told Denver7, and while shaking her head she added, “But to wake up this morning and know that you were the one that did that to him.” 

A candlelight vigil was held Friday (Sept. 20) night in remembrance of Trey.

Now, the family is trying to raise money to pay for the boy’s funeral, among other important necessities, through a GoFundMe account

“We need any support that we can get right now,” Trey’s other sister, Tyquajornes, told CBS4. 

The family is currently looking for volunteers to serve food at the funeral so that responsibility doesn’t have to fall on the mourning family members. They’re also asking for people to show support by standing outside of the service, which is closed to the public, and advocating against gun violence. 

“He loved to make you laugh. He liked to make sure that at some part of your day you had a smile,” Tyquajornes told CBS4. “I miss him so much and every second I just wish he was here. I wake up, and I can’t believe he’s gone.” 

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