Florida Man Allegedly Kills Wife Of 33 Years Then Turns Gun On Himself While Grandkids Are In The House

Crime Scene tape at the front door of a luxury home

Florida Man Allegedly Kills Wife Of 33 Years Then Turns Gun On Himself While Grandkids Are In The House

Eddie Harris accused Shanica Harris of cheating on Facebook prior to the fatal shooting.

Published September 30, 2019

Written by BET Staff

A Florida man allegedly killed his childhood sweetheart and wife of 33 years in their Miami home before turning the gun on himself.

Eddie Harris reportedly shot and killed his wife, Shanica Harris, in their Liberty City home Saturday (September 28) night before he shot himself, and survived, the Miami Herald reports

Miami-Dade police answered a 911 call about a shooting inside a residence around 8:51 p.m. When police arrived, they were met by two men running away from home. 

The men, whose names were not released, alerted police that there were two children still in the house along with Mrs. Harris and Mr. Harris, who had a rifle, according to police, ABC10 reports

A special response team and hostage negotiators were then called in to get the children out safely. 

The children, aged 5 and 9, were removed from the house safely through a window by the special response team, according to the Miami Herald. It’s unclear whether the children were the Harris’ grandchildren. 

Upon entering the house, Mrs. Harris was found dead. Mr. Harris was alive with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, the Miami Herald reports. 

“He barricaded himself in the house and kept my sister at blood death, with my grandniece and grandnephew in the house,” Thomasina Goddard, who said she is Mrs. Harris’ sister, told ABC10

According to Goddard, it was Mr. Harris, who pulled the trigger, ABC10 reports. 

She said the couple had been together since they were 15 years old. They had five children and several grandchildren. 

One day before Mrs. Harris’ death, several Facebook posts on Mr. Harris’ page accused her of cheating.

“I my wife Shanicaharris cheating on the train now she playing sick on the job,” he wrote on Friday (September 27). 

Minutes later he wrote, “I had to go to Dadeland south to pick up my benzene she go get ur shit so me n my son pick it up.”

A little over and hour later he returned to Facebook and wrote, “Shanicaharris got a f**kboy rides n a white impala around my house.”

“I wasted my money on that,” he wrote less than 10-minutes later, followed by a photo of the Mercedes he recently purchased for Mrs. Harris. 

“I f**kup buying this car for the wrong girl Shanicaharris,” he wrote.

Mr. Harris continued to post on Facebook late Friday (September 27) night and wrote, “Me and my son here alone she n***** trying to hurt me n my son.”

About 45-minutes after that, at 12:17am on Saturday (September 28) morning, he wrote, “She got them around the house.”

Just 15-minutes later, a Facebook live video from Mr. Harris’ page went on for approximately 5-minutes with no speaking.

The video appears to show Mr. and Mrs. Harris lying in bed together. As he watches TV, she played a game on her phone, which she flashed to show the camera at one point in the live post.

By that afternoon, a few more posts accusing her of cheating were shared on Mr. Harris’ page. 

A post was shared at 12:53pm, “Shanicaharris trying get n with her boyfriend." 

Five minutes later, “My wife satting me up.”

Six minutes after that, “Shanicaharris got them trying to kill me.” 

That was the last written post on Mr. Harris’ page before a live video began 5-minutes later at 1:09pm. No one said anything and the video ended after nearly 9-minutes. 

Mrs. Harris’ last Facebook post is a photo of the new Mercedes Mr. Harris bought her, which she wanted in red.

“Now he knows I love red cars!!! But OMG!!!!!!!” she wrote September 21. “Why couldn’t I pick out my own car.” 

On September 1, Mrs. Harris was on Facebook live at the cemetery where their 19-year-old son, Eddie D. Harris Jr. is buried. It was his birthday. 

The young man was shot and killed on January 29, 2016. 

In the video, Mrs. Harris was smiling and saying, “The gang’s all here.” Mr. Harris appeared in the video too.

As of Sunday (September 29) night, Mr. Harris remained in the hospital.  

“My sister was the sweetest girl you wouldn’t known,” Goddard told ABC10. “She worked very hard for her kids and family.”

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