Georgia Police Lead A Desperate Search To Find Missing Woman And Her Two Children

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Georgia Police Lead A Desperate Search To Find Missing Woman And Her Two Children

Latoya Boyer was last seen Sunday afternoon with her daughter, 5, and 3-year-old son.

Published October 9th

Written by Zayda Rivera

As police in Kennesaw, GA, continue a desperate search for a missing woman and her two children, they are pleading for the public’s assistance. 

“We need your help!” the Kennesaw Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

Latoya Monique Boyer was last seen on Sunday (October 6) at 3pm in Woodstock, GA, driving a silver 2013 Chrysler Town and Country van with Georgia tag TBC030, 11Alive reports

The car was her mother’s, which she borrowed. 

According to police, she was traveling with her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, 11Alive reports. 

Boyer was reportedly a daycare worker that was loved by many. 

“Omg she was one of my sons daycare teachers a few years ago,” one person wrote on Facebook in response to the police department’s post. 

One woman said she believed she saw Boyer, but was not sure. 

“It may not have been herm, but I just saw a lady that looked a lot like her in Ingles on 113 in Cartersville. But there were no kids with her,” the woman wrote on Facebook. 

Ingles is a market in Cartersville, which is approximately 18 miles from Kennesaw.

“Again, it may not have been her and I would assume more than likely that it probably wasn’t,” the woman continued. “But as I was scrolling across Facebook and her picture came across my screen I felt like it looked a lot like the girl I just saw in Ingles before I even saw that she was missing.”  

Others asked for any updates over grave concern for the well-being of Boyer and her children. 

Police responded to requests for updates, writing, “We do not have any updates. We are hoping the powers of social media could help us out.” 

They also wrote, “If you know the whereabouts of Latoya Monique Boyer and her children, please contact the Kennesaw Police Department at 770-422-2505.”

(Photo: Thomas Cristofoletti)


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