Body Of Missing Nevaeh Adams Found In South Carolina Landfill

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Body Of Missing Nevaeh Adams Found In South Carolina Landfill

The 5-year-old was found in a garbage dumpster two months after her mother was murdered.

Published October 23rd

Written by Angela Wilson

The missing body of Nevaeh Adams was found in a South Carolina landfill on Friday, according to a police report released on Tuesday, October 23. DNA testing confirmed Adams’ identity.

Since this past August, 400 people sifted through over 200 tons of trash in landfills in two South Carolina counties on and off. They also looked through nine garbage trucks and found the five-year-old’s corpse in the landfill this week after authorities relaunched search efforts on September 17, according to WGN.

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Adams mother, 29-year-old Sharlee Bradley, was brutally killed. Her body was discovered in her own home at the Lantana Apartments in August. The Sumter County Coroner’s Office revealed Bradley had been dead for several hours before she was discovered by a family member but Neveah was missing.

A witness seen Daunte Maurice Johnson, 28, fleeing Bradley’s apartment. Johnson, who was later arrested by authorities nearby, admitted to murdering Nevaeh and her mother. It’s unclear what the relationship between Johnson and Bradley was. 

Police said when they interviewed Johnson, he admitted to killing Nevaeh and Bradley.

According to WTOC, Johnson stabbed the young child before dumping her body in a dumpster. 

After hearing the devastating news, Dupray Adams, Neveah’s father, is trying to stay strong, holding on to their happy memories. 

“When she was with me, she didn’t have a dull day,” he said during a press conference. "Every video that I have, every picture that I have she was happy.”

Sumter police Chief Russell Roark revealed Bradley’s two other children, a 12-year-old and a 3-year-old, were found safe.

Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images


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