Syracuse University Students Protest Recent ‘White Supremacist Manifesto’ Incident

Syracuse University Students Protest Recent ‘White Supremacist Manifesto’ Incident

Students have raised $15,000 so far.

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 19, 2019 / 05:47 PM

Written by Vanessa Etienne

Syracuse University students are currently in a week-long protest after an alleged white supremacist manifesto was posted in an online forum. CNN reported that students have set up in the university rec center to demand adequate responses to recent racial incidents on campus.

"I think in order to understand why I'm here, it's important to understand what has brought us all here," one student organizer told CNN. “It is the fact that we don't feel seen and we don't feel heard."

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the rec center, collecting food and supplies, participating in teach-in events and an open mic. Posters were plastered on the walls saying “#NotAgainSU” and many are calling the protest a “Black-led student movement,” according to CNN.

Students gave school officials a list of demands, which included allocating $1 million to create new curriculum on diversity issues. So far, they have raised more than $15,000 to support the cause, CNN reports. The school officials have a deadline of Wednesday to respond, according to students.

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Syracuse Department of Public Safety has since increased security around campus. Chancellor Kent Syverud also announced plans to revise their code of student conduct and work to hire a diverse staff to support students.

"This has become what we're asking for the university to create," said a student protester. "We were asking for this space, and we made it and demanded it ourselves, and it's been beautiful to watch it unfold."

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(Photo: Jerome Davis / Corbis via Getty Images)


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