Unlicensed New Jersey Day Care Shut Down After 6-Month-Old Was Covered In Bruises And Bite Marks

Unlicensed New Jersey Day Care Shut Down After 6-Month-Old Was Covered In Bruises And Bite Marks

The owner claims she fell down the stairs while holding the 6-month-old baby.

Published November 25, 2019

Written by Zayda Rivera

A day care in Newark, New Jersey, has been closed after a 6-month-old baby was found covered in bruises, scrapes and bite marks. 

J & A Nursery, an at-home nursery school, was shut down by city officials for seven violations, CBS 2 reports

“She told me basically that, I guess my daughter was left unattended around a 2-year-old and that he bit my daughter in the stomach,” Anari Ormond, the mother of baby Zuri, told CBS 2. 

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When Ormond arrived at the in-home day care, the owner, Lisa Muhammad, told her that she “went upstairs to get the Neosporin and on her way down the stairs she fell with Zuri and that she was badly bruised,” CBS 2 reports.

The baby girl had bruises and scrapes on her cheeks, head and legs, and her ankle was still tender, CBS 2 reports. 

“Nothing showed up on the cat scan, which is good,” Ormond, a recent Howard University graduate who works as a pre-K teacher, told CBS 2. “But I guess like any neurological challenges that arise we’ll see in the coming years.”

Ormand was paying $800 a month for childcare at the day care, CBS 2 reports. 

“I paid that much because I trusted them,” she told CBS 2. 

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According to municipal court records, Muhammad received citations on Tuesday (Nov. 19) for nuisances, failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy, failure to obtain a license and failure to provide adequate doors for exit. She is due in court next on Dec. 19, court records indicate, MSN reports.  

“I definitely think that there should not be other children in her care at this point,” Ormond told CBS 2.

“From my understanding, I’ve been trying to call the state, and this breaks my heart in two, but I’ve been trying to call the state and they have no record, and the city of Newark has no record of her business,” she told CBS 2.

According to Ormond, eight children are cared for at the day care daily, CBS 2 reports.   

According to CBS 2, by law, a day care that cares for more than five children must have a license, and New Jersey has no record of Muhammad’s day care where baby Zuri, who is still recovering, was injured.

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