Report: Prosecutors In The Aniah Blanchard Case Are Seeking The Death Penalty For Her Killer

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Report: Prosecutors In The Aniah Blanchard Case Are Seeking The Death Penalty For Her Killer

Medical examiners have concluded Blanchard died from a gunshot wound.

Published December 2nd

Written by Paul Meara

Officials are now claiming that Aniah Blanchard, a 19-year-old college student who went missing in late October and whose remains were discovered last week, was killed as a result of a gunshot wound. And now they’re seeking the death penalty for her alleged killer.

On November 25, Blanchard’s body was recovered in a wooded area in Macon County, Alabama after she had been missing for weeks.

According to an autopsy, the medical examiner concluded that Blanchard, the stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris, was killed by a gunshot, but it isn’t clear what part of her body the bullet entered through.

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Prosecutors have also announced that 30-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed, the prime suspect in the disapearance and death of Blanchard, has been charged with capital murder.

"This case has shaken our community to its core," Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes said Monday, according to TMZ. "It is my intention that the response to this horrific crime serve as a warning to anyone who believes they want to come to Lee County and engage in violent criminal behavior."

"You will be dealt with and the consequences will be severe," he added.

Antwain Shamar Fisher, 35, and David Johnson Jr., 63, have also been arrested in connection with Aniah Blanchard’s disappearance.

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