Man Says He Was Helping Woman Leave Abusive Boyfriend As New Video Of Their Confrontation After The Subway 'Snatching' Circulates

NEW YORK, NY - DEC 3: People walk through the Whitehall - South Ferry subway station on December 3 in New York City. (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Man Says He Was Helping Woman Leave Abusive Boyfriend As New Video Of Their Confrontation After The Subway 'Snatching' Circulates

Sonny Alloway is also offering $5,000 if any of the men who assaulted him “can knock me out.”

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 2, 2020 / 04:00 PM

Written by Zayda Rivera

The man who was seen snatching a girl off a Bronx subway train in a video that went viral, and was later beaten for it, is now saying he was only trying to help her leave her abusive boyfriend.

“I mean, let’s really think about that: I’m going to carry her from the train station over here, kicking and screaming, and no one is going to notice that?" Alloway asked rhetorically in an interview with the New York Daily News. “That’s usually what happens in the world. You just go with the video and you take it for what it is.”

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Sonny Alloway, 48, insisted the girl wanted to get off the train and he was helping her do so. 

“So I’m sitting there now,” he recounted to the Daily News. “I’m confused. I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ Why is this girl screaming ‘Help! Help! Help!’ when she just said she wanted to get off of this train? So I just let it go.” 

After the incident went viral, Alloway said he was attacked on three separate occasions before police arrested him hours later, the Daily News reports. 

“I definitely want to put a boxing match together. Any of them who wants to step in the ring with me, if they can knock me out they’ll get $5,000,” Alloway told the Daily News

He was arrested shortly after the last beatdown and was treated a St. Barnabas Hospital for bumps and bruises.

Alloway was initially charged with unlawful imprisonment but was later released when Bronx district attorneys deferred prosecution to allow for more time in building a case, the Daily News reports. 

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“I’m pretty sure that people who know me know that this is bull,” he told the Daily News. “Everybody who knows me will tell you, I go out on trains and give away scarves, gloves. I gave her some gloves.”

Alloway added that the incident is making him reconsider where he currently resides, the Daily News reports. 

“Honestly, I’m at a crossroad in my mind where I’m like, ‘Do I even want to continue to be here in the Bronx?’” he told the Daily News, adding that while he’s waiting on the outcome of the criminal charge he is considering a return to his home borough of Staten Island where the people, he said, are all “about each other.” 

A new video that surfaced Thursday (Jan. 2), shows Alloway on a crowded subway platform reportedly being confronted by the woman he snatched, The Hollywood Unlocked reports

It is unclear when the confrontation occurred.

According to The Hollywood Unlocked, Alloway could be heard telling the woman’s boyfriend in the latest video, “I ain’t try to take her.” 

While Alloway is saying that to her boyfriend, the woman is reportedly yelling that she isn’t lying about Alloway trying to take her against her own will, because the video clips are out on social media to prove it, The Hollywood Unlocked reports.

Photo: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images


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