Black Man In Florida Tried To Buy A Car And Got Racist Audio Messages Instead

Black Man In Florida Tried To Buy A Car And Got Racist Audio Messages Instead

“He’s a n*****.”

Published February 15th

Written by Paul Meara

A man from South Florida was trying to buy a car and instead got racist messages about him that were likely meant to be sent to someone else.

David Davis received numerous voice messages mocking him because of his race and claiming he couldn’t buy a car because they assumed he didn’t have good credit. 

“He’s a [N-word]. So, it’s impossible, the [N-word] and the good credit and no car,” said the voice of a man, who spoke in slightly broken English.

Davis had been looking for a 2016 BMW and found one on Facebook Marketplace under the account PP Auto Sales MIA.

But when he went to see the car in person, they didn’t have the one he picked out online.

“I mean, why’d you call me way down here, and you don’t have the car?” Davis told WSVN 7.

He then said he went back on Facebook to PP Auto Sales MIA, to find out why the car advertised wasn’t in the lot.

“My credit is perfect,” Davis said to the news station. “He asked me about my credit, so I showed him what my credit number was.”

And that’s where things got ugly.

“If this guy has a [expletive] credit, we need to put the [N-word] inside your BMW, or Mercedes, or whatever one,” the message said. “Ninety-five percent of my customers is Black people, is a [N-word], or wherever one that you calling these people.”

“I guess he thought he was talking to one of his employees,” Davis said. “When I first heard the message, I’m like, ‘Nah, he didn’t say that. He didn’t say that.’ But then, when he kept saying it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, what’s wrong with this dude?’ I’m just trying to purchase a car.”

According to Pablo Capaccio of C&F Auto Sales, he does not know who runs PP Auto Sales MIA personally and says they’re simply one of their distributors. Capaccio also says he will cut ties with the company.

“I would just say I’m so sorry about what happened, and it’s a shame that today’s day, in 2020, there are people that still refer to other people like this, you know? It’s horrible,” Capaccio said.

Watch WSVN 7’s news package here.

(PHOTO: Alan Schein Photography)


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