Future 40: Carri Twigg Is Changing The Status Quo Of Media Narratives

Future 40: Carri Twigg Is Changing The Status Quo Of Media Narratives

Carri Twigg is shaping narratives at the intersection of politics and pop culture.

Published 3 weeks ago

Written by BET Staff

Carri Twigg is the founding partner and head of development for Culture House.

As a public engagement strategist, she is deeply engaged with content that takes on the urgent cultural questions confronting America and the world. Before focusing her career on challenging the status quo media narratives, Twigg spent 10 years in politics, including serving as Special Assistant to President Obama and Director of Public Engagement for Vice President Biden. She prides herself on working in the White House along with many other Black women.

“I got to work with all sorts of young people of color, women. It was not an uncommon thing to be in a decision level meeting and have it be mostly women, mostly people of color. And that's unprecedented,” Twigg told BET. “It was the most profound honor of my life.”

Before joining Culture House, she built and consulted on strategic cultural movements, including the California-based Schools Not Prisons Tour and the SuperPAC Save The Day with director Joss Whedon. She worked with VH1 to reprise its “Behind The” franchise, writing and hosting a series looking at issues impacting the 2016 Presidential election entitled #BehindTheVote.

Her work has been featured on MTV, VH1, AwesomenessTV, Complex News, :ATTN, AwesomenessTV, The Young Turks & Refinery29. Today, Twigg works on helping individuals find their voice in American mainstream.

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