Fitness Training Triplets Bring Exercises To Your Home

Fitness Training Triplets Bring Exercises To Your Home

They say remaining consistent will help you reach your goal.

Published April 6th

Written by Alexis Reese

Philadelphia fitness trainers and UPenn graduates, Malik, Ahmad, and Khalil Jones, are triplets bringing tips and exercise moves to your television screen during the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

The 23-year-olds are certified trainers teaching at different studios under their brand Triyo Fitness.  

“It was kind of something that came out of a passion,” Khalil says, speaking to Good Morning America about how the brothers got their individual gigs at different gyms. “We really enjoyed fitness and just being active. We built it into what was at first a side hustle, something we were working on when we were going to school. But now we are full time and complete into it because we know it’s something that we love, we do it together as a team, that makes it so much better.” 

Their tips and moves for at home workouts each come with an explainer video to describe in detail each move, how many reps, and how long you should go for each exercise. 

And while some exercises require equipment other exercises like “jab/cross sit-ups” do not. 

“Use what you have,” Khalil says. “If you don’t have anything, use the space around you.”

“You want to make sure you are consistent in a way that does not overwhelm you,” Malik says. “Pick one thing … it’s the consistency that really carries you and it’s what’s carried us.” 

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