Pregnant Woman Carjacks News Van With Pregnant Reporter Inside

Broadcast vehicle with antennas in a parking lot

Pregnant Woman Carjacks News Van With Pregnant Reporter Inside

Thankfully, both women and their babies are safe.

Published April 13th

Written by BET Staff

Two pregnant women in Atlanta were involved in a police chase after one of them carjacked a news van with the other inside.

The incident took place around 5:30 a.m. local time on Wednesday, April 15, when  CBS46′s Iyani Hughes was in the back of the vehicle on her computer after wrapping up an early morning report, according to CBS News.

Seniqua Lunsford, who is also pregnant, allegedly jumped into the driver's seat of the vehicle and sped off. Hughes, who was still in the van, hit the floor and screamed as Lunsford tore through the streets. Hughes’ cameraman witnessed the carjacking/abduction as he was getting in his own car in order to follow social distancing rules.

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Hughes newsroom colleague, anchor Karyn Greer, could hear the commotion via the live feed from the van to the newsroom. “I heard a blood-curdling scream, I heard a car speed off and was asking 'What happened? What happened?” Greer later said.

A local police unit, that was investigating another car crash also believed to be caused by Lunsford, abandoned it to chase the news van. Lunsford reportedly made it five miles in the van before crashing into a tree. 

Both women were taken to the hospital and later released after being checked by doctors — Lunsford was taken into police custody, and Hughes, who texted her colleague that she was "shaken, but OK," was sent home.

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