Mother Is Disgusted After Her 26-Year-Old Son Threw A Chicago House Party While She Worked A 24-Hour Shift

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Mother Is Disgusted After Her 26-Year-Old Son Threw A Chicago House Party While She Worked A 24-Hour Shift

The video of Janeal Wright’s party went viral.

Published April 30th

Written by BET Staff

You can’t have a house party with millennials these days without there being all kinds of documentation on social media to prove that it actually happened. Perhaps 26-year old Janeal Wright should have thought about that when he organized an epic throw down in Chicago, Illinois with nearly 200 people during the coronavirus pandemic which went viral and shocked many people across the country. However, no one was more shocked than his own mother after seeing the events that went down in her home while she was working a 24-hour shift as a first responder.

“I was astounded when I saw the video,” she told NBC. “I almost passed out because I’m practicing social distancing due to my employment and to see that many people in my house was absolutely ignorant and disgusting.”

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She said her home was clean by the time she returned from work. She didn’t know what happened until the police knocked on her door. 

"I came home, my house was clean, nothing was out of place," she explained. "And after that, some police came to my house and said, 'Were you aware that it was a party at your house?' And I was like, 'No, I wasn't aware.' And then they showed me the video."

Her son’s excuse? Janeal Wright said, "With us being young, us being millennials, like the mayor said, we didn't really know how severe this was. It really hasn't been hitting home for us like that, but now I see the error of everything."

Wright admitted to deactivating “the home’s video doorbell, so that his mother wouldn’t get notified of the increased activity at the house,” according to NBC. He said there were approximately 150 people at the party.

In addition, he claimed he threw the party because he recently lost two friends to gun violence. 

The original video was posted on April 25 by a Facebook user with the name Tink Purcell, but the video has now been deleted.

See the video below from Twitter:

Illinois is the state with the fourth highest COVID-19 infections. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has confirmed that Black people are dying at a higher rate than any other racial group with 72 percent of Black Chicagoans dead from the disease even though they account for 30 percent of the population there. To meet the problem head on, she has created a “racial equity rapid response team” of health care officials and community leaders to get the word out on safety measures and testing. 

For the latest on the coronavirus, check out BET’s blog on the virus, and contact your local health department or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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