Hilarious Yet Relatable Funny Mother's Day Memes

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Hilarious Yet Relatable Funny Mother's Day Memes

All the groceries are gone, smiling through the pain and zoom confusion she can handle.

Published May 10th

Written by BET Staff

With academic school years coming to a screeching halt amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, families (especially moms) are doing their best to juggle working from home and being make-shift teachers. 

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While everyone is feeling a little stressed out, here’s a chance to take a breath and let her know that laughter can be some of the best medicine available. 

Here are some of BET.com’s favorite memes and lighthearted videos that no doubt confirm why you’ll always love your mama.

  1. When The Mommy Quarantine Schedule Takes Over
  2. When Her Life Isn't So Balanced
  3. When You Don’t Want To Repeat Yourself For The Umpteenth Time
  4. When Your Children Are Too Curious For Their Own Good
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  5. When She Attempts To Learn Elementary Curriculum, But Ends Up Confused
  6. When You're Forced To Learn 5 Years Of Early Education In 24 Hours
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  7. When All Moms Can Do Is Smile Through The Pain
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  8. When It’s Show And Tell And Your Children Don’t Have Anything To Show Or Tell
  9. When Mama Got Your Back, Sides, Front
  10. When You Can Relate To This Video A Lil Too Much
  11. When You Go Grocery Shopping Sunday Morning And All Of The Food Is Gone Sunday Night
  12. When Mom Sends An S.O.S. To Teachers
  13. When Future Generations Will Have Names Inspired By The Coronavirus Pandemic
  14. When She Tries To Be Slick At Your Expense
  15. When She Sends You Mixed Messages
  16. When Mom Tries To Explain How She's Not Playing Favorites

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