Video Shows Police Threatening to Tase Ahmaud Arbery In 2017

BRUNSWICK, GA - MAY 08: Demonstrators protest the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery at the Glynn County Courthouse on May 8, 2020 in Brunswick, Georgia. Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael were arrested the previous night and charged with murder. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Video Shows Police Threatening to Tase Ahmaud Arbery In 2017

His family’s lawyers say they were unnecessarily harassing him

Published May 19th

Written by Madison J. Gray

Police attempted to use a taser on Ahmaud Arbery in a November 2017 incident while asking him why he was sitting alone in his vehicle. 

This new video places further scrutiny on Glynn County police as his Feb. 23 shooting death continues to gain national attention.

In a video obtained by The Guardian, through a public records request, Arbery is approached by an officer and asked why he is in a park that had a reputation for drug activity. Arbery told the officer that he had no drugs on him and would not let him search his car. He said he was simply at the park listening to music.

“You [sic] bothering me for nothing,” Arbery said to Glynn County officer Michael Kanago. “I’m working at the Blue Beacon (Truck Wash).” Kanago later put in his police report that he felt threatened by Arbery.

Soon after, another officer came to the scene. Arbery was forced to his knees under threat of being shocked by a taser. He was allowed to leave the scene, but they would not let him drive his car because he reportedly had a suspended license. No charges were ever filed.

The lawyer for Arbery’s family said in a statement to The Guardian that there was “no justifiable reason” for him to be threatened by a taser. “This appears to be just a glimpse into the kind of scrutiny Ahmaud Arbery faced not only by this police department, but ultimately regular citizens like the McMichaels and their posse, pretending to be police officers,” the statement said.

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael are charged in connection with Ahmaud Arbery’s killing and have been in police custody since their May 7 arrest.

Lindsay McMichael, Greg’s daughter and Travis’ sister reportedly posted a photo of Arbery’s body on her Snapchat page, but told U.K. tabloid The Sun that it was “poor judgement.” She was blasted by Arbery family lawyer Lee Merritt, who said it fit a “pattern of the McMichael family engaging in a weird, violent form of voyeurism.”

Photo Credit: Sean Rayford/Getty Images


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