California Cop Gets Reassigned For Emailing ‘Vulgar’ Image Of George Floyd

California Cop Gets Reassigned For Emailing ‘Vulgar’ Image Of George Floyd

NAACP San Diego is calling for the officer’s firing.

Published July 8th

Written by Paul Meara

A California police officer is under investigation after he allegedly shared a “vulgar,”altered image of George Floyd being kneeled on by a Black male pornstar with the words “Quit resisting” accompanying it.

"The image was lewd and racist and vile and should disturb anyone with a shred of human decency,” NAACP San Diego President Francine Maxwell said in a statement issued on Monday (July 6). “It is simply unacceptable in a law enforcement officer." 

Maxwell also called for the firing of the accused deputy, who they named as Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Ritchie. According to USA TODAY, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Ricardo Lopez would not confirm the officer’s name but said the employee in question was reassigned to administrative duty after the department learned of the June 18 incident.

The department also claims it removed the cop’s peace officer authority while the investigation is ongoing

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"We were so disgusted that an employee may have shared such a vulgar image that within minutes we began to take action,” Lopez said in a statement. “We want to assure the public we took the matter very seriously and acted swiftly to put a stop to it.”

Maxwell though says reassignment isn’t enough.

"Removing someone’s powers and reassigning them but they are still getting the full paycheck — that is not signaling to the community that, ‘We hear you, we are listening to you, doing something action oriented,’” Maxwell said to The San Diego Union-Tribune. “Reassigning someone is not signaling change. That is signaling business as usual.”

In the San Diego NAACP’s statement, they wrote: “Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Ritchie must go unless the front page of the Sheriff’s website, which says ‘We hear you. We stand with you. We do not condone actions based on bias, prejudice, racism or hate’ is a lie’” and cited numerous previous fatal shootings of people of color during his time as an officer.

According to the statement, Ritchie killed Jorge Ramirez in 2005 and Robert Medina in 2006. 

“Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Ritchie must go because this incident shows he has clearly not changed his evil, racist and hate-filled ways, and he is a danger to all residents of the County,” the statement reads. “He must go before he kills again.”

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Photo: AGUSTIN PAULLIER/AFP via Getty Images


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