Woman Who Pulled A Gun On Black Family In Michigan Speaks Out

Woman Who Pulled A Gun On Black Family In Michigan Speaks Out

Jillian Wuestenberg said she feared for her life.

Published July 10th

Written by Paul Meara

The woman who was charged for pulling out a gun and pointing it at a Black family in Michigan on July 1, says she feared for her life during the viral incident.

Jillian Wuestenberg, who sat down alongside her husband during an interview with WXYZ-TV, claimed that she doesn’t know how everything escalated so quickly.

"This is not something we wanted at all," she said to the news station. "I didn't understand how it escalated to where it escalated and I was afraid."

Wuestenberg claims she was “about to die” as a result of the incident.

Wuestenberg and her husband Eric, who was also in the viral video, have been charged with one count of felonious assault, which is a four-year felony. The couple were arraigned last week.

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The incident began after Takelia Hill, who is Black, said her 15-year-old daughter, Makayla Green, was bumped into by Jillian Wuestenberg before entering a Chipotle restaurant. The daughter then said she asked for an apology before the 32-year-old started yelling at her.

As the two families argued, the Wustenbergs got into their van. Hill says she thought the driver was going to hit them as they backed out of the parking space, so she hit the back window of the vehicle to stop it. That’s when Wuestenberg hopped out and pointed a gun at Hill.

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and placed Jillian Wuestenberg in handcuffs and confiscated the weapon.

Wuestenberg insists she is not a racist. 

"I have never seen myself as ignorant or racist. I ... have a genuine love for every single person I meet," said Wuestenberg to WXYZ-TV. "There is so much hate in this world at this point in time and I don't want a single person to feel what we're feeling right now."

Watch the interview below.



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