L.A. County Sheriffs Point Guns At Black Teens Who Were In Need of Help

L.A. County Sheriffs Point Guns At Black Teens Who Were In Need of Help

The teens were detained and later released.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 10, 2020 / 01:36 PM

Written by Paul Meara

L.A. County Sheriffs are receiving criticism after they reportedly pointed their guns at three Black teens who were being attacked and in need of their help.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred in Santa Clarita. Video shows a swarm of deputies pulling up to the scene as cops already there were pointing assault rifles at the teens who had their hands up.

Tammi Collins, the mother of one of the teens, says her son and his friends were at a bus stop when a homeless man asked them for drugs and then attempted to steal their belongings. She says the man became very aggressive, ripping his shirt off and tried to stab them with a knife. She says the teens were able to fend the man off with their skateboards.

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Collins says several 911 calls were made with all but one claiming the boys were victims. One call though told the dispatcher that “two Black guys were attacking a homeless man.”

TMZ reports that the 911 call came in as an assault with a deadly weapon with two adult males hitting another man with a skateboard. The kids were detained, according to the outlet, as deputies spoke with them and witnesses to the incident. They were then released and no arrests were made. It isn’t clear what happened to the homeless man.

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