Video: Car Drives Through Black Lives Matter Protesters In Times Square

NEW YORK, USA - SEPTEMBER 3: Anti-racism demonstrators gathered at Times Square to protest police brutality in New York City, United States on September 3, 2020. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Video: Car Drives Through Black Lives Matter Protesters In Times Square

Around 300 people were protesting the brutal police killing of Daniel Prude.

Published September 4th

Written by BET Staff

Several people were injured after an unknown person drove through Black Lives Matter  protesters in New York City’s Times Square.

According to The New York Post, there was a group of about 300 people protesting the police killing of Daniel Prude in Rochester, New York. A black Ford Taurus with a bull bar in the front drove through the crowd around 8:15 p.m on September 3.

“The car was driven by a counter-protester attending a small pro-Trump rally in Duffy Square, an NYPD spokesman said,” according to The New York Post. 

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One cyclist told reporters, “The car just hit me. He hit me straight on and kept going. I was working barricade. My knee is bad and my bike is ruined.”

The injuries were reportedly minor and treated by medics at the scene.

On Sept. 3, The New York Times reported that Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren suspended the seven police officers seen on police body cam footage suffocating Prude with a hood while he was having a mental health crisis.

Prude’s daughter, 18-year-old daughter Tashyra, slammed the suspension, telling CBS,  "[The suspension] is just a slap in the face, especially with pay. There's footage of officers murdering an unarmed Black man who was handcuffed with a spit bag over his head, meaning he cannot attack anyone."

She also added, "That's a paid vacation, if you ask me. That's beyond disrespectful to me, my siblings and the rest of my family and to everybody who cared about my father."

The family is calling for murder charges agaisnt the police officers. 

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(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)


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