Dijon Kizzee Shooting: LA Protests Continue After Killing Of Black Man Riding Bike

Dijon Kizzee Shooting: LA Protests Continue After Killing Of Black Man Riding Bike

Protesters called for the Black district attorney to be voted out.

Published September 9th

Written by BET Staff

Deputies and protesters clashed Saturday night (Sept. 5)  in front of a South Los Angeles sheriff’s station during a demonstration over the killing of Dijon Kizzee last week by L.A. County sheriff’s deputies. The Los Angeles Times reports hundreds of demonstrators showed up to the Black Lives Matter protest. 

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According to CBS Los Angeles, on August 31, Kizzee, 29, was stopped while riding his bicycle “for a vehicle code violation.” He reportedly got into a scuffle with deputies, ran away and dropped a bundle of clothes that were in his hands. Deputies claim they saw a black handgun on the ground and opened fire. Police confirmed that he died at the scene.

The Sheriff’s Department did not name the deputies involved because they had not been interviewed by homicide detectives, but officials said they were a trainee and his supervising officer, according to the Times.

Kizzee is the second fatal shooting of an individual by deputies in the Westmont community in three months. The Sheriff’s department said that it wants demonstrators to express themselves peacefully, but said that outside agitators had come to the protests to start violent conflicts with deputies. 

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department claim demonstrators began throwing objects at officers and they responded with sting balls and pepper balls

Organizers of the protest had no comment on claims of violence, but demonstrators called for the police to be defunded and for voters to remove L.A. County D.A. Jackie Lacey from office. 

Earlier, members of Kizee’s family spoke out in frustration with the Sheriff’s Department over the shooting and called for the deputies involved to be arrested.

"I think this is so dirty of any department -- sheriff's department or any department to kill people,” said Kizee’s aunt Fletcher Fair, at a Tuesday press conference, according to ABC News. “They don't kill any other race but us and this don't make any sense," Fair said. “Right now, I’m sad and I’m mad at the same time,” she said. “Why us? ... We're tired. We are absolutely tired.”

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Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images


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