Georgia Corrections Officer Fired For Calling Inmate On Suicide Watch The N-Word

Georgia Corrections Officer Fired For Calling Inmate On Suicide Watch The N-Word

This is the third time he’s been let go from a prison job.

Published September 30th

Written by Paul Meara

A Georgia corrections officer has been fired after he reportedly called an inmate on suicide watch a racial slur.

Gregory Hubert Brown, a 61-year-old corrections officer at the Clayton County Sheriff's Office who had already been fired twice previously, called the prisoner a “crazy n****r.”

An official statement from the sheriff’s office was released on Sunday night (September 27) that provided few details about the incident but said Brown was placed on administrative leave without pay immediately and would be fired from his position within 72 hours.

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Records obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicated that Brown had been fired from a correctional facility job in December 2010, after getting into a heated argument with a fellow corrections officer over filling out forms that kept track of inmate headcounts at the Coweta County Prison. The documents allege that Brown threatened and shoved the fellow officer in the chest.

Brown was also reportedly fired two years later from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. The AJC report says he negligently locked fellow officers in cells with other inmates on at least three different occasions while working in the jail’s control room. Brown also tried to open at least two different cell doors without authorization from a higher-up and used an emergency override to open another section of cells without justification.

Brown was rehired by the Clayton County Sheriff’s office in 2013.

(Photo via Clayton County Sheriff's Office)


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