Black Mom, Wife Is First In The World To Earn Ph.D In Exclusive Field Of Study

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Black Mom, Wife Is First In The World To Earn Ph.D In Exclusive Field Of Study

Alena Maze plans to pursue a career as a survey statistician because of her passion for math and health.

Published 1 week ago

Written by Paul Meara

Alena Maze is a wife, mother of seven, and a renowned YouTuber who is making history in her field of study.

Maze is the first known Black person to earn a Ph.D. in Survey Methodology, who was inspired to pursue a career in the field because of her passion for math and health.

According to Black News, Maze earned her Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Georgetown University and pursued her Survey Methodology doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Taking to Facebook, Maze relayed an example of what she’ll be doing in her field.

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“What’s a Survey Methodologist? Well I’m a Survey Statistician, so specifically, I research the math behind surveys,” Maze wrote. “Suppose we want more information on how diabetes affects women ages 30-40, in order to develop better treatment courses. Well in a perfect world, we would like to send out a survey (i.e., a series of questions) to all women ages 30-40 with diabetes. However, this is not practical for many reasons. So instead we chose a smaller group (called a sample), say 2,000 women from that same population to represent the whole population of 30 to 40-year old women with diabetes.”

Maze says her journey to her degree has been a long one, considering her married life and seven children. But for her, it’s all been worth it and very rewarding.

“During this time, I encountered God’s love, through a divine meeting with His Holy Spirit in a way I cannot wait to share,” she said, according to Black News. “His love has been enough for me to manifest anything I desire to do, be or become.”

Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images


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